Training Border Terriers For Hunting And Standing Still

Training Border Terriers For Hunting And Standing Still

Border Terrier Training

The Border Terrier was originally bred to follow horses on a day’s long fox, rabbit, and other small animal hunts. It is considered a fearless active and agile dog with a lot of strength and stamina. Training Border Terriers ‘stand’ commands do not only condition them to obey your commands.

But will also be helpful during the grooming time such as when you want to clip his claws, wiping off mad from the paws or during vet exams. The following steps will guide you on how to teach your Border Terrier to stand. You will need a table and treats for this session.

Training Border Terrier To Stand

 Border Terrier Training
Step 1

Place your border terrier on the table. Ensure the surface is tall enough so as not to strain your back. This is because border terriers are usually between 11 to 14 inches tall. If you don’t have any flat surface to place your dog, you can sit together on the floor as you teach him the new commands.

Step 2

When the dog is in good sitting position, hold a treat in your hand and bring it close to its nose. Instinctively it will try to reach for it but do not let it get the treat just yet. By keeping your hand parallel to the ground, move it up away from your dog.

As it tries to reach for it as you move it higher, your puppy will stand. Try it the second time and once it is in a standing position, give him the treat as a reward as you gently praise him. Don’t portray too much excitement as border terriers are known to be very playful and will start dancing and wiggling instead of standing straight.

Step 3

Once you get your puppy to be able to stand, introduce a verbal command such as yes’ or stand’ and give him a treat. Repeat these a dozen more times until your Border Terrier has gotten the hang of it. You can try starting from down’ command to make your puppy go back to his sitting position.

Step 4

In this step, stash away the treat and lure your puppy to an upright position with the earlier hand motions and commands. Be patient with him even when he does not get it the first time maintaining both steadiness and calmness during the whole exercise. Once he is in a standing position, reward him with an out of sight treat. This exercise conditions the dog to obey a command by not necessarily having to expect to get a treat.

Step 5

Take this activity a notch higher by gradually introducing challenges. You can increase the duration between when your border terrier stands and when you give it a treat. Try increasing distance by standing a step away from your puppy each time you issue a command. Remember always to praise him every time.

Teaching The Border Terrier How To Hunt

 The Border Terrier Training how to hunt

Border Terriers are wonderful breeds when it comes to learning how to shoot animals that burrow underground and any other small animal that lives in an underground den. The best method of training your border terriers is with the help of Earthdog trials. Earthdog trials involve man-made tunnels intended for the dog to navigate through in pursuit of finding a quarry or a live pray.

The quarry or the prey is usually placed at the end of the tunnel. The primary purpose of this is to stimulate the Border Terrier to be able to maneuver through tight spaces while keeping a focus on finding prey hidden underground. For the purpose of the training, the prey is usually protected from the dog by use of a cage.Another great way to train your border terrier is to create your tunnels in your backyard.

This is not necessarily mean you have to dig out tunnels for this purpose. Use Earthdog trials made of wood planks that you can quickly alter to achieve different configurations. Put pray at the end of the tunnel and let your dog navigate through.

It should be taught to react once it gets to the prey either by barking or pawing. For border terriers that are learning to hunt, this activity can be very satisfying to them. It is, in fact, this breed of dog is known to perform exemplary well when it comes to Earthdog completion.

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