Schedule For Border Terrier Training

Schedule For Border Terrier Training

Border Terrier Training Schedule

Border terrier is one of the best dogs to own in a home as a family dog. This breed of dog has a high reputation as compared to other races. Its medium size body makes the Border Terrier a perfect dog for running and hunting out in the open. However, like any other dog you have just acquired, it needs to be trained first.

Border terrier training should be started early when the puppy is brought home, and this does not vary much from the training of other breeds of dogs. You should react appropriately to whatever he does so that he learns the right things.

Daily Routines

 Border Terrier Training

This is often the most time-consuming part of Border Terrier training. For any puppy training, it does not only require time but a lot of patience too. Always treat each routine seriously and never think that it doesn’t matter how you do it. A well-trained puppy will always be better-behaved and give you the chance to be in control.

Border terrier training usually starts at the age of around four months, at this stage, they are most trainable and teachable. What you must get right, to begin with, is his daily routine, which involves training your puppy to good habits. This includes food and water location, time for eating, the place of his bed, time to go to sleep as well as waking up time, and most importantly where he applies to the bathroom.

Introduce Simple Words To Learn

This should be part of the obedience training and routines. Start off with simple one-worded commands such as No’ to signal your Border Terrier puppy to stop what he is doing, GOOD’ to give him praise. Border Terriers are smart dogs that are easily trainable, therefore, always correspond the words you tell them with the actions you want them to perform.

While teaching your puppy words of praise and words of correction, use the correct tone of voice with the right body language. If you keep this consistent, your puppy will learn the basic words first enough for you to introduce them more. These words of praise, as well as correction, should be taught as early as when the puppy is about2 to 3 months of age.

Do Not Give Biscuit Training

This is one common mistake that should be avoided when training your dog. Always use treats as a reinforcement tool and not a bribe. A gift becomes a bribe when you offer your dog something after they have knowingly refused to perform a command. This means that for your puppy to follow your commands, it would be dictated by how hungry enough he is to execute an instruction that you want.
On the other hand, reinforcement is rewarding your dog for a job well done, and this usually comes from obeying a command. However, you should not entirely rely on treats while on training sessions but let your dog learn respect training.

Respect Training

During compliance training, let your puppy learn to know who the leader of the house is. If a dog is left to do things that are disrespectful, his instincts will compel him to seek a structure of his own. Many people bumper their puppies and let them have their way probably because they are cute and cuddly. Well, it is a good thing to love your puppy, but it must be tempered with respect.

If you give into your puppy’s every demand, he might never learn self-control and discipline. It will lose respect for you and may never do whatever you command him to do. You will end up with an unruly, disobedient, and out-of-control dog. You certainly don’t want this to happen to your dog so you should take up the role of the leader and let your dog obey your instructions promptly.

Respect training, most of the time, cannot be achieved in an instant but rather, it takes time. It must be consistent and in a manner that the dog can understand.

Crate Training

 Border Terrier Training

Provide your puppy with an indoor kennel crate, as this will satisfy their need for a den-like enclosure. Although most people may term this as punishment, dogs will not view it that way. They may not like it the first time, but soon they learn and love to spend time in their crate. In fact, dogs that have been introduced to the kennel since they were young always prefer their crate for resting and hanging out.
Another great importance of crate training is that it comes in handy as a travel cabin when traveling along with your dog by car or plane.


At the age of 2-3 months, puppies are still considered infants, and most of the time, they don’t know how to use the bathroom just yet. Naturally, puppies are conditioned by nature to imitate their mother and never to relieve themselves in their dens. Likewise, your puppy will pick up the housebreaking concept quite quickly, as this is part of their genetic programming.
There are some housebreaking methods which include using a house pen, a crate, or a litter box. Always enforce these routines positively and never punish the puppy as this will create a negative association with his natural body functions.

Accept To Be Handled

You must train your puppy to learn to be treated by you as the master in your family. This will make it easy for you during grooming time, administering medicine, or clipping nails. During training, this should also be included in your command word lessons as well as discipline training. This comes naturally with discipline and the use of the right words.


Gentleness is a very important command that you must train your puppy. Just like acceptance to be handled is implemented along with respect training and vocabulary. This training teaches your dog to learn how to take things from you without grabbing or being rough. Teach your puppy restraint and learn what habit is good or bad

Household Rules

Household Rules For Border Terrier Training

Train your puppy early enough to the general rules within the house. It should not be allowed to jump on the sofa or shared household items such as tissue papers or magazines. As the head, you dictate the rules for your puppy. Enforce them gradually, and with time the dog will learn what good and bad behavior.

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