You Should Know These Things To Train Your Poodle

You Should Know These Things To Train Your Poodle


You are excited that you have finally acquired your beautiful poodle puppy you have always wanted to be a part of your family. And now the time has come to start Poodle Training , but you have no idea where or how to go about it. If you feel nervous about training your new Poodle, don’t be! This breed of dogs is always brilliant and will typically respond well to training. In fact for an effective poodle training method, you should consider the specific characteristics of this breed.

Poodle Traits

Poodle Training

Apart from their high intelligence, poodles are extremely proud dogs, and you should never make them feel humiliated during training sessions lest they get agitated and reject training altogether. They are also sensitive therefore incorporate training exercises that are not harsh to your poodle and never resort to any kind of physical punishment.

Using physical punishment will make your dog timid and nervous, and you may end up having a difficult time training him. Another great trait that poodle breed possess is their sense of curiosity and the interest of wanting to explore anything around them. They are also a very energetic dog.

Command Training

Poodle Cammand Training

Combining all these traits makes a poodle an easy dog to teach and train, certainly training your dog to respect you is both fulfilling and joyful. The primary key to a well-trained dog lies on how early in his life the training starts. Training your poodle puppy early on is advantageous to you because at this time the learning ability of the dog is high as compared to an older dog.

To begin with, use one worded commands like ‘sit’, ‘up’ and ‘good’ then gently enforce it. It is important to use powers that you know are enforceable otherwise, your poodle would take your commands as optional. The best way is to issue a single command for everyone response, for instance, tell your dog to sit’ then gently place or lure him into a sitting position. Once he does it, give him a treat while praising him at the same time. Be consistent with your commands every time without any alteration or else you may end up confusing your poodle.

Never use a loud voice when issuing your dog with commands even if your dog is unresponsive. You should use an authoritative calm and gentle tone of voice as this prevents the dog from feeling stressed and confused. Since a puppy’s concentration time is short, make your training sessions last about 5-10 minutes and always make it fun and exciting. Repeat these short courses consistently until the dog takes the cue and learns to perform the command automatically. You will get surprised how quick your poodle will learn within several attempts.

Once the puppy has learned these short commands, you can introduce more challenges situations such as distance, duration, and distraction. Increase the distance by a few meters between you and your poodle as you issue a command. See how he will respond and offer him a treat every time he succeeds in performing a command. You can also introduce distractions such as bouncing a ball around him, ignore and don’t give any gift if he doesn’t do act on the command.

House Breaking

Poodle Training

Teaching your poodle house breaking shouldn’t be much of stress to you. Develop a feeding routine for him by feeding him at a particular time of every day. After every meal, walk your poodle outside and let him do his business. Poodles are intelligent and can recognize routines and behavior and hence make your poodle training sessions easier.

While in the house, always supervise your poodle and if possible stay with him in the same room. You will be able to know when he needs to go to the bathroom when he starts sniffing around and moving in circles. At this point, you may take him outside.

Always take him to the same spot each time to do his thing. By so doing, your poodle will learn to go potty at a specifically designated place. Every time he does his thing at the right spot, reward him with a treat and praise him while rubbing him with affection. These will encourage him to do the same activity again in future.

Ensure to keep away any food and water from your poodle at least two hours before bedtime. This will prevent the urge to go outside during the night.


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