Everything You Need To Know About Poodle Breeding

Everything You Need To Know About Poodle Breeding

Poodle breeding involves the practice of mating-specific poodles that have been carefully selected with the intention of coming up with offspring possessing certain specific qualities and characteristics. The idea of coming up with purebred poodles is both an exciting venture as well as challenging.

Therefore, you should acquire adequate knowledge by devoting your time to learning as much as possible about poodle breeds. Always remember that the ultimate goal of responsible breeding is to improve the breed and not to increase its numbers. To come up with the best breeds, a good breeder must strive to improve his poodle breed while considering health issues, training as well as the dog’s temperament.

Cross-Bred Dogs

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Dogs are notably the animals with the most diverse-looking species in the entire world. These have been a result of many years of breeding, creating a broad range of distinctive breeds with varying characteristics. When you take some of these distinctive breeds and mix them with some notable features, the end results are usually gorgeous.

Purebred dogs usually have predictable properties such as size, color, or temperament. You will always know what your puppy will likely grow into. However, for crossbreeds, you may have no idea how big they will grow. It is also important to note that cross-bred dogs are usually less susceptible to genetic diseases than their pure-bred counterparts.

Poodle Types

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The poodle is a breed of dog that consists of three varieties based on their size. The toy poodle is the smallest and is 10 inches tall, measured from the highest point at his shoulders from the ground. The miniature poodle stands between 11-15 inches tall, while the largest type in the poodle family, the standard poodle, stands at 15 inches and above in height. Poodle mix is the most common trend that involves the mixing of two different breeds to come up with what is commonly known as a hybrid.

A poodle and a poodle mix dog are preferred by most people with allergies because their fur is considered to be more hypoallergenic than a breed standard dog. There is quite a large variety of Poodle mixes, also known as designer poodles, than we can ever imagine.

Challenges To Overcome

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Becoming a breeder can be very rewarding, however, if you are a new breeder, this experience can be very costly and time-consuming. Therefore you should be well prepared to overcome the general challenges that come along with being a responsible poodle breeder. You should, first of all, make sure you have sufficient time to devote to a litter from the time they are born to the time the young puppies are ready to go to their new homes. This usually lasts about eight weeks.

Ensure you have acquired enough knowledge on how to effectively advise new owners about the various aspects of taking care of their poodle puppies. This will include diet, rearing training as well as health problem associated with their newly acquired puppies.

Another main issue of concern is the veterinarian cost. You should be able to afford the bitch’s recommended health tests before mating her as well as her litter. Be able to provide enough food for the bitch and any other costs whenever necessary. It is also important to note that you should be able to find good homes for your puppies and, if necessary, be able to take them back.

Your Poodle’s Mating Concerns

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The mating process should not always be left to the dogs to handle themselves. For you to keep your pets safe and healthy, you should understand certain things during the entire process. The major key issue to consider is why you need to produce litter. This is important because you don’t want to have a situation where you cannot be able to find a home for every potential puppy. Your dog should be healthy enough to breed, never let her breed if she is undergoing any medical treatment or portraying temperamental features.

You should also consider the appropriate age for your poodle to breed. Although your poodle may come into her first heat cycle as early as six months old, it is important to breed when it is both physically and mentally mature, and this is usually when the dog is more than 18 months old. Early breeding may stunt her general health and may even cause death in extreme cases. It is of great importance to observe your bitch for any signs of readiness to mate during her heat cycle.

Mating Procedure

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When your bitch is ready for mating, it will portray certain physical characteristics such as the swelling of the vulva, discharge that is blood-tinged, or allowing the male to sniff and even licks her vulva. The heat cycle typically lasts for about three weeks on average, although it may vary based on the type of your poodle.

During the tie, most of the sperm are deposited into the bitch’s birth canal, and this may last about 10-20 minutes. The male may choose to remain on the top or dismount and move to the side so that both are facing in opposite directions. The most important thing to do at this stage is to ensure that the dogs don’t pull on one another and prevent them from injuring their genitals.

How Often To Breed

A healthy bitch usually gets her heat cycle every six months. However, this may vary as some bitches may come into the season once every year. It is never a good idea to breed your bitch every other heat cycle, as this will hinder both her health and physical state. You should give your bitch a sufficient recovery period before breeding again. A responsible breeder should also guarantee the availability of good homes for all the pups long before proceeding with the breeding.

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