Kennel Cooling Systems For Keeping Your Clients’ Pets Safe

Kennel Cooling Systems For Keeping Your Clients’ Pets Safe

ClimateRight air control system


Every kennel owner wants to maintain comfort for their clients’ pets – during all weather conditions.

There are many HVAC products designed for kennels available in the market, from portable commercial AC units to larger commercial units.

One such product is ClimateRight.

ClimateRight is a commercial-quality portable air conditioner that provides a perfect cooling and heating solutions for your dog.

It also provides all-year-round protection from extreme weather conditions. It is suitable for outdoor clients’ pets houses or any other type of enclosure.

ClimateRight is extremely energy efficient, too.

How ClimateRight Works

ClimateRight works in Kennel Gear

It is a small regular air conditioning unit that is install outside the kennel.

Power is supplied from a regular 110V AC electric outlet. It comes with a dual hose system with an easy to fix connects, one hose is for air intake and the other for air outflow to provide your clients’ pet enclosure with efficient optimal climate conditions.

All you need to do is drill two holes for the air hoses.

Key Benefits Of ClimateRight

The main advantage of ClimateRight air conditioning system is providing safety to your clients’ pets. When your clients’ pets is exposed to extreme heat conditions, it tends to suffer heat stress and stroke. Cold conditions are also not favorable for your clients’ pets and hence the heater unit comes in handy.

Other benefits include portability, light weight, and the unit being located outside your clients’ pets’s kennel.

It also leaves your clients’ pets peaceful as there will be no distraction and will also preserve floor space.

ClimateRight Is Easy To Install

ClimateRight easy to install in Kennel Gear

ClimateRight is a very easy to install kennel gear. Everything required for a DIY installation is provided in the shipment and this include, air hoses, all necessary flanges and a remote control. All you need to do is to drill two small holes on your kennel wall and then insert the two provided ClimateRight building flanges.

Once the flanges are well secured, connect the 4-inch flexible hoses from the AC unit to your kennel. An assembly instructions manual is also included in your unit for your reference.

ClimateRight Safety

ClimateRight air control system

This portable air conditioning and heating unit have been designed with a lot of security in mind. Since it is placed outside your kennel, it does not cause any disturbance. It runs on 110V AC electric power. Therefore, there are no emissions.

Besides, the unit has low BTU cooling power making it safe for your clients’ pets. All these features show that ClimateRight portable air conditioning unit is both efficient and environment-friendly.

ClimateRight CR2500 Is The Best Model

For all your outdoor pet houses and enclosures, ClimateRight CR2500 is arguably the best portable air conditioner to go for. It is properly designed to work well in small, medium, large as well as extra-large outdoor pet houses or enclosures. It is important to note for The best performance.

The manufacturer does not recommend the permanent installation of this unit unless performed by a ClimateRight authorized installer.

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