CoolCop CoolK9- Best Cooling System For Dogs

CoolCop CoolK9- Best Cooling System For Dogs

 Coolk9 Dog Crates Cooling System

Since you treat your dog as a companion and a friend, you should provide it with the best comfort he desires.Even when traveling your dog needs all the comfort of home. And therefore CoolCop Coolk9 dog crate cooling system is the perfect for kennel gear.

Coolk9 is a simple, low-cost air conditioning system designed for your dog’s kennel. It is easy to use with your vehicle’s air conditioning vent without any further modification. It allows redirecting cooling or heating right into your dog’s kennel A crate providing comfort to your canine companion. You can vary the cooling or heating of the kennel from your car.

Everything needed for the installation of the coolk9 is included in the package.And these includes a dash cap, several vent clips, flexible hose and a kennel lid. All you have to do is first to select the air conditioning vent you intend to use.

Select four suitable vent clips and slip them into the louvers of your AC vent while ensuring the tips flush with your car’s dashboard. Note that the vent clips are designed to fit just about any other vehicle. Now line up the vent clips to the slots provided on the base plate and screw them up with the screws provide.

With your vent clips securely screwed, now easily fit your baseplate into the vent till it snaps. Screw the dash cap onto the base plate with the two screws provided. Thread one end of the flexible hose to the dash cap and the other to the kennels cap mounted on your dog’s kennel. The 10 feet flexible hose is long enough to serve even the longest SUV vehicle comfortably.

The dog can now enjoy the comfort of a calm environment while on the move. To achieve maximum airflow from your unit, close other alternative vents. Use of coolk9 air conditioning system has been proved to be very efficient and can provide great comfort to your dog.

This type of air conditioner unit is commonly used by the police canine courier department for their dogs. Controlling the climate of the kennel helps your dog to reduce heat stress while keeping him safe and at top performance.

crate-cooling-systems Kennel Gear

Portable Kennel Air Conditioners

Portable-air-conditioners Kennel Gear

There are portable air conditioning units designed for use in outdoor pet houses such as a kennel. This protects your dog all year round from adverse heat or cold.

Therefore it concerns the safety of your dog more than providing just comfort.  Portable kennel air conditioners come in different sizes depending on the suitability of your kennel. These sizes range from small, medium, large and even extra-large.

These units usually come with assembly kits and are easy to install. All it requires you to do is to hook up the provided hoses to your dog’s kennel.

Typically there are two types of lines that are shipping with the air conditioning unit. One for air intake and another for outflow into and out of your dog’s kennel respectively.

These units are design with low BTU cooling power ratings and therefore will not harm your pet in any way. Always keep your canine companion in a safe environment during either cold or hot weather.

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